All You Need To Know About The Popular Paleo Diet

Assuming you haven’t been living on another planet these past years, you’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet. Or, as it's most commonly called, “the caveman diet.”

It’s the one of the latest trends among fitness advocates, athletes, bodybuilders, and even those individuals who are simply just looking to drop a few pounds. Stories of its benefits are everywhere, but many people are still not clear on what the diet is about or whether it is as good as they say.

Well, we’re not here to convince you that it’s the perfect diet. What we’re here to do is bring you the information you need to make

Without getting too sciencey, the diet is basically a guide to help us eat as our ancestors did…long, long ago when a mortar and pestle was the only kitchen tool. This means fishing; hunting for meat; and harvesting seeds, leafy greens and veggies was the order of the day. Sounds hectic but there was a prize in it… at least that’s what people are claiming.

What’s The Theory Behind The Diet?

The premise of the diet is that, without relying on industrial agriculture, our ancestors ate more natural foods than we do. A bummer but there was no pizza, pasta or pretzels. Instead, tomato soup and chicken stir fry had to do.

They hunted to feed themselves and ate exactly what their bodies needed to thrive… supposedly. There were no refrigerators, supermarkets, or processed food. They cooked and consumed freshly killed meat and wild veggies but remained in good health…again, supposedly.

Paleo advocates believe that our bodies are not yet well-adapted for the rapid diet changes we’ve had since the Paleozoic Era, let alone processed foods like the Taco Bell burritos, Big Mac, the Whopper, and the large majority of the products lining grocery store shelves. This major change in the food we consume is believed to be the main cause for diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, hypertension and even depression. By shifting back to a healthy paleolithic diet, we’ll increase our nutrient intake and also remove foods that are harming our bodies…theoretically.

What’s Can You Eat?

This all depends on your goal. Whether you want to overcome a specific health challenge, an allergy or improve your fitness level, you will need to tailor your diet with the appropriate Paleo-friendly foods to help you accomplish your goal.

The diet is all about consuming foods straight from the earth like the paleolithic people. This means fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, fish and meat from grass-fed animals with little to no exposure to toxic chemicals. Breads, pastas, candy, pastries, ice cream, artificial sweeteners, margarine, grains and most dairy products are a no-no. The trick is to think like a hunter and always listen to your body.

So, is it worth the hype?

Well, no one diet is for everyone. However, many fitness experts and nutritionists are very much for the paleo diet. And by now you may be thinking, “Oh lord, another diet hoax,” but it may do wonders for your health and body.

There are over 2 million people raving about how it has healed them of lifelong digestive issues and autoimmune diseases, correct their hormonal imbalances, and help them to drop the excess weight. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Better yet, the Paleo diet isn’t just about eating the right foods. Exercising also has a lot to do with treating the body the way it was designed to be treated. The paleolithic people lived on-the-go and were therefore very active. According to the director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, David L. Katz, their lifestyle provably demanded that they consume 4,000-plus calories daily. Of course, most people today don’t need that many calories; even those who hit the gym hard. This just stresses how important physical activity is to the paleolithic lifestyle.

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Created By: Jessie D.